Akihabara & Studio Ghibli Animation Movie Museum – "Pilgrimage” to both of them in one day

Animation is now recognized as one of the representative cultures of Japan globally. We have many animation pilgrimage spots throughout the country and many people visit them from all over the world. Here I would like to share the efficient route to visit such holy animation spots in one day!

Japan Anime Map:
You can find a lot of information about anime shops and the settings appeared in popular anime here.

For first comers to Japan, Akihabara and Studio Ghibli are two “must” locations to visit.
Personally, I would recommend to visit Studio Ghibli during the day and move to Akihabara (neon-lit street) later in the evening. Studio Ghibli is located in Mitaka and you can easily move to Akihabara from Mitaka for about 40 minutes by a direct train. So, if you can leave Mitaka by 3pm or so, you will have enough time to enjoy Akihabara on the same day.

Ghibli Museum

Access : Take a Chuo line express train from Tokyo Station to Mitaka. (30 minutes.) 15 minutes walking distance from the Mitaka station.

Entrance to the Ghibli Museum is strictly by advance purchase of a reserved ticket. From overseas (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, you can purchase a ticket which specifies the appointed date of the reservation at local travel agency.

If you are already in Japan or do not know when you are able to visit yet, reserved tickets can be purchased at LAWSON convenience stores throughout Japan.

Weekday is best for visit as the museum is usually very busy on the weekend (Sat/Sun) as well as during a long school holiday season.


Shops are usually open until 7 or 8pm, however please make a note they close relatively early at night. As Akihabara is a compact district, you can walk around the area itself within 30 minutes.

>>Anime pilgrimage – Akihabara video clip

If your favorite is Doraemon rather than Ghibli, Fujiko-F-Fujio museum can be another option. Be careful as advance purchase of a reserved ticket is required for them as well.

Access :
Take a Chuo line express train from Tokyo Station to Shinjuku (Approx.13 minutes.) Change to Odakyu line (either Express or semi-express train) and get off at Noborito Station. (20 minutes) Take a shuttle bus from Noborito Station (5 minutes)

by Eddie

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