Funny souvenirs from Japan

Japanese women are beauty geeks!

Yesterday, I was screening the cosmetics section of Zakka, the small beauty outlet inside Kyoto station and I found wonderful promises of beauty and youthfullness!

These huuuuge sections, that you also find in Loft and Tokyu Hands like shops are wonderful. You spend 5 minutes there and understand how much women are willing to believe in mysterious, exotic but nevertheless, always very effective ways to loose weight, keep a spotless and beautiful skin, be attractive, and, yes, transform themselves into Goddess.

You can find there nice souvenirs from Japan. I know that offering something that is supposed to make you look more beautiful than you are might not be ideal, but it shows that you care, and anyway, you can always consider alternative uses...

My best beauty secrets from Japan are:
- A brush to get rid of your donut-belly (in French, we say a tyre-belly, but we are cruel people...). Well, if brushing your skin with this brush does not help you get the Goddess look that you are aiming for, you can still use it as a brush to shine your shoes...
- A kind of ortho-labial spring to fight gravity effect on your skin around the lips. The theory goes like this: if you work out your zigomatic muscles hard enough, your skin will keep its elasticity and delay wrinkles. If this ortho-labial thing does not work, try to smile often. It will not delay wrinkles but they will be happy-wrinkle, which is much more attractive than serious-or-sad-wrinkles.
- the round plastic thing that looks like a kind of flower, or an octopus, or the mouth piece they give you at the hospital when they do a gastroscopy (sorry, this is not very romantic), is supposed to help you muscle up your cheek muscles. It also helps fighting gravity. I am not sure how to use this but I am sure of one thing: never use it in presence of your partner home. This would kill everything. If it does not have any effects, you could still use it to portion spaghettis...
- Last one is supposed to help you grow your nose. As foreigner, we are not as much concerned about the size of our nose as the Japanese are. So, we can use this as a nose-clip when we go to the swimming-pool.

by Claire

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