Japanese Vending Machines: Next Generation

Smart and Connected with Touchscreen and Camera

Have you seen the new generation of vending machines in Japan? The new touchscreen ones are smart and connected. They watch people and target them by showing commercials, news, recommendations, and special offers.

You can identify these new machines easily, they have a huge touchscreen and a camera. When you come close or stop in front of one, the screen changes and shows recommendations for you based on age and gender. Select a drink and product details and offers are displayed.

Endless Possibilities

As the vending machine is basically one big screen there are many possible ways to use it. Yes, this is a machine built for advertising, but imagine what else it could offer.

In emergencies these screens could give updated weather news, train schedules, taifun warnings, and earthquake information. For non-Japanese speakers, it would be so easy to provide product information in other languages here. I am very curious to see this develop and being used.

by David

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