Great things about Japanese Comic Cafés!

What’s so great about comic cafés in Japan?

Today, Manga/Anime is one of the representative cultures of Japan.
Because of that, comic cafes in Japan are getting a lot of attention from the world.
Comic cafes are always crammed with manga lovers. However, manga is not the only services they offer.

<They have more manga books than you can read all your life>

When you step into a comic café, you will be overwhelmed with attractive shelves containing a wide range of manga series all over.
Some shops have tens of thousands books.
You can read any of them freely. Some of the shops have various publications besides manga such as magazines and newspapers.

Many such cafes have individual booths for privacy so that visitors can relax in comfort, leisurely losing themselves in the volumes of their choice.

Let's go to comic cafes!

When you enter, please go to the counter. At some shops, you are required to show your passport if you wish to use the internet. This is for prevention of crime. You can choose where you want to stay from various options such as individual booth (cubicle), reclining seat and flat reading seat, etc. When you go there for the first time, you might want to start with a sofa in an open space. If you try a cubicle from your first time, you might end up feeling isolated and locked up in a narrow space.

*** I tell you it is very easy to fall asleep before you notice in a cubicle. Be careful not to sneeze too hard and disturb others around you!

*** You can leave manga books when you finish and don’t have to bring them back to where they belonged to. Café staffs will take them back for you after you leave. (Some shops recently have a drop-off point. So be careful.)

Various free services available! and Price

Many cafes include in their prices drink bars with free refills of drinks.
Most manga cafés also offer internet access and you can also print out documents or burn data on CDROM. (Need to purchase a CD separately)

At some cafes, you can even take a shower. It’s like a paradise for those who wish to lose themselves all day in reading manga books.

There are shops offering additional service such as video games and television (DVD).

For an hour's stay, the cost is generally about 500 yen.
Some manga cafés offer something like 3-hour discount (1,500 yen or so) and a service for where one can stay for the night (for around 2,000 yen), which is a popular option for Japanese people who miss the last train.

Comic cafes are very quiet and peaceful place. Lights there are generally dark, which can help visitors to enter in their own world comfortably. I hope you can experience this manga country Japanese culture more casually when you wait to meet with your friends or just to kill your time.

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