"Teishoku" is a nostalgic homemade meal for Japanese.

Are you interested in the fare found in a normal, ordinary Japanese household? Why not give Teishoku(定食) a try?

The word itself means "set meal", and if you've stayed at a Japanese style inn and enjoyed breakfast there, you must have tasted steamed rice, miso soup and several other delicacies in separate plates on your table. That is the exact style of Teishoku.

But you have to search carefully to find Teishoku in town because it is usually only offered at small mom-and-pop restaurants that tend to be located near Universities or "Shita-machi" (local neighborhoods) where international tourists don't usually visit.

I have a nice hint for you though :) Otoya(大戸屋), which operates a hundred modern style restaurants in Tokyo and countless more across Japan, features Teishoku as one of their popular and very Nostaljic menu items . Teishoku on the Otoya menu features broiled fish, different fried food and lots of rice bowl varieties all for less than 1000 yen. Easy on your tummy and very friendly to your wallet!


When you want to eat breakfast outside your hotel, Teishoku style breakfast is also served at some beef bowl or soba restaurants like Yoshinoya or Fujisoba until 10:00am.

My personal favorite is Sakurasuisan(さくら水産), which is one of the cheapest izakaya chain restaurants you will ever find! They serve two kinds of teishoku on weekdays at lunch time and the "A" lunch is usually fish while the "B" lunch is a fried dish or meat. Believe it or not, either one costs only 500 yen! And, in addition to the low price on your lunch, there are all-you-can-eat eggs, seaweed and pickles on the table too.


I hope you will take a moment to try yummy and traditional Teishoku during your time in Japan!

Bon Apetit!

by Hagi

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