Cheapest or Quickest Transport from Narita Airport to Tokyo (TOP3)

Cheapest transport from Narita Airport to Tokyo (TOP3) : Any of the below takes about 90 minutes to Tokyo

1. Bus (Tokyo Shuttle) 900 yen :
Adults and Children pay the same price. Without a reservation, it will cost you 1,500yen for early morning and late night buses.

2. Bus (Access Narita) 1,000 yen
Children pay half the adult rate! Toilets are available inside the bus. Therefore, recommended for family travel.

3. Train (JR Sobu line) 1,280 yen
Child under 6yrs : half price of the adult fare

Quickest transport from Narita Airport to Tokyo (TOP3) : Between 20 to 60 minutes

1. Train (Keisei Skyliner) 55 minutes (2,550 yen)
Very convenient for travelers heading toward Ueno and Asakura area

2. Narita Express 59 minutes (2,942 yen)
Easy access to Yokohama and Shinjuku
* Now “Discount tickets” are available for visitors from overseas (Half price: 1,500 yen, until March 31, 2014)

3. Taxi 60 minutes (20,000 yen)
Although there is the risk of traffic jams, taxi is the easiest option to get to your hotel directly.
* You don’t have to worry about taxi drivers’ cheating in amount or taking on a purposefully round-about route. Nice thing about traveling around in Japan.

Although I do not dare to mention in the above ranking, if you can take a helicopter, it will be a dream ride of only 20 minutes! (280,000 yen or more?!)

Below link (from Narita Airport HP) is very useful to review available transport options.

I live in Yokohama and my recommendation for transport to Narita Airport from Yokohama is taking a bus. When I go from Narita Airport to Yokohama, I usually use Narita Express. You might think it should be the other way around, but I personally would like to avoid the risk of train accident (such as injuries resulting in injury or death, crossing accident), which can completely stop trains in operation. In case of bus, they communicate traffic jam information by wireless communication and flexibly choose an efficient route between highway and local streets. Therefore, there might be a delay in schedule, but bus will never be stopped like trains. BTW – there is a site to summarize airport limousine services between various hotels in Tokyo and terminal stations.

There might be too many options to choose from, but I can assure you that every choice has its own fun and attractions. I hope you enjoy your time for transport during your stay!

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