Quick Review of Pocket WiFi Rental, an essential for tourists

WiFi Situation in Japan

Many tourists believe that there are many free WiFi spots in Japan.
They think that they can use their smartphones and tablets can connect to an internet easily.
The reality is very different.
There is hardly any free wifi spot in Japan.

They realize this after they come.
It is impossible to buy sim card in Japan.

They can not find the method of connecting to an internet.

Rental WiFi is The Best Solution

Rental WiFi is the best for short-long term travel.
Almost all areas in Japan are available.
Communication speed is enough 75Mbps LTE!

There are some rental companies.
Especially PuPuRu International is great.

Rental fee is 400 yen per day.
Though it costs 1,500 yen as handling fee and 1,000 yen as delivery fee,
1 week rental is around 5,300 yen including data fee.

They deliver a device to your hotel or airport.
At that time, they give a return envelope.
Return method is easy and useful.
Jut drop a device into mail box by using the envelope.
Any mailbox is OK. You can find it also at airports.

If you have trouble, they will support you in English.
The important thing is that you need to order at least 3 days before of pick up date.

Benefits of a WiFi Device

If you use Skype, Line something of that applications, you do not need to pay expensive call fee.
You can transmit information via Facebook, Twitter etc. in real time.

How about enjoying your travel with a WiFi device?

by Haruzou

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