Want to eat Tempura at a reasonable Price? Here's How!!

Tempura(天ぷら), battered and fried seafood or vegetables, is traditionally one of the most famous delicacies in Japan along with sukiyaki or shabu-shsbu. Many visitors find Tempura to be relatively expensive as it usually is expected to cost as much as several thousand yen. Let me give you a few hints here on ways to eat tempura at reasonable prices even in the city!

Tendon(天丼), Tempura rice bowl, is served with battered and fried seafood or vegetable such as prawn, squid, eggplant, pumpkin, lotus root and kidney beans and you can find Tendon at most ordinary soba restaurants. You can also eat tendon at fastfood style tendon restaurant like Tenya(てんや) and guess what?!, the price at Tenya will be less than 1000 yen.

Check out this menu in English from Tenya(天丼てんや)

Another good way to find inexpensive tempura is by going to a cafeteria style udon restaurant like Marugame Udon(丸亀うどん). Here, you can select several types of freshly fried tempura as extra toppping on your udon, add an egg, select your soup broth, buy a separate rice ball, etc. Best of all, each piece of tempura will costs less than 150 yen! (about 1.50 USD!)

You can see this English info for Marugame Udon(丸亀うどん) here:

One more tip for you just in case.... you may find two prices for Tendon at the same restaurant. "上"(jo) means upper and "並"(nami) means medium. They do not show the quantity of meals but the grade of ingredients. if you have the budget and want to try a wider variety of toppings, I definitely recommend you try "Jo Tendon!". You will never forget it!

by Hagi

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