A place that leads you back in time!

The other day, I needed a café to get myself alive and kicking and I entered the Virgin coffee shop in Roppongi, located at the corner of a 35 years old building, not very far from Gonpachi, along the highway. This is in the same building as the eclectic boutique hotel H&R Roppongi. If you stay there for one night or even six month (in their serviced apartments) the Virgin Cafe will be a haven of peace and thought for you.

This place is quiet, relaxed and efficient - nothing fancy really - but there is something there that makes you feel at home. You do not sit next to solitary people, concentrated on their smart phone and oblivious to the world. It is a place where you can sit, look around, and just let your mind wander and yes, enjoy some time for yourself.

There is a vynil on the wall of, waouuuuw, Tubular’s Bell. It catalysed my mind and I jumped back 30 years ago, to remember my first love! What a nice thought it was!

For those who do not know it, Tubular’s Bell is the music of the mythical film The Exorcist. It is from Mike Oldfield. If you are under 40 years old, you do not know Mike Oldfield. But it is never too late and you should try to find it on Youtube.
Here is a link to the classic on YouTube:

When I had this very first and very real crush as a teenager, Mike Oldfield’s «Moonlight Shadow» was THE big hit. So, what was supposed to be a quick coffee-pause turned out as a 20 minutes enjoyable time sipping my very nice coffee and remembering all these happy memories.

The power of one small detail - a simple vynil on the wall - made me travel in time and rejuvenate because it sent me back in my teenager days when everything was simple and possible. And so is it today too!

So, if like me, you need a nice café, and you are in Roppongi, look for the den of Tubular’s Bell at Virgin Café:

by Claire

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