Smell the spring in the air!

Cherry blossoms are waking up from their long sleep

Looks like we are up for some cold weather next week.
Today was nice and warm in Hamamatsu.

A cup of coffee in the morning and decided to take a walk in the nice weather.
It's one of the things I like to do in the summer time but today seemed like a great day to start.

I live on a small island with many people have second homes.
Very unique and large homes!
Just walking around and seeing these homes makes me feel excited.
Think I'll be living in one of these homes in the future.

On this island they made a few structures that is 3 stories high for when there is a Tsunami. It's a simple structure but we will need to rely on this since there is no place to run to.

What do you know! At the foot of this structure first time I saw Cherry Blossoms this year!

Thanks to the good weather today and the decision to that walk.
I was able to shift my emotions to feel even better!

Hanami season is right around the corner.

So why do people look forward in Hanami in the first place?
The last time I went it was raining and the year before that it was still cold.
Yet I get excited in going to Hanami. I believe people have a sense of happiness linked to Hanami.

Our emotions are linked with our motions.

Getting out of the house, and just walking will shift our emotions.
Gathering with others at Hanami gives us connection and eating also shifts our emotions.

Regardless if it's raining or if it's still cold.
The connection being with others and moving our bodies to get there shifts our emotions.

If your new to Hanami I recommend on going.
Season is near!
People are most friendly and welcome at these times!

by Yuuki I

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