If you are an ancient car freak!

Visit the Toyota Automobile Museum

This museum is located in Nagakute. It is a bit far from Nagoya city center, in a place where there is not much of anything else, really. But you can go there easily with the metro and then the "linimo". Linimo is this line that was build for the Nagoya Expo in 2005. It is a magnetic levitation train. It does not go fast, but it levitates! There is no wheels, no operator, no reason to ever use it anymore unless you want to visit the museum. You can kind of feel when the train goes up.

Anyway, in this museum, you find an awesome collection of ancient cars from everywhere in the world, Imperia, Jaguars, glorious Ford T, Fiat 500, race cars, rallye cars, you name it. And there is a space dedicated to ancient accessaries for cars: such as the Samothrace Victoria statute in the front of your Rolls Royce, but in chrystal, and for any all ancient car that are not existing anymore today. Really beautiful.


by Claire

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