Museum of Industry and Technology

If you happen to go to Nagoya

Nagoya is usually not on touristic tour in Japan.

But if you are on business there, and you have some time to spend, or, if you are with your children and you want to attract their interest to science, or, they do love science, there is one place you want to visit:

the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology.

It is located inside the very first plant of Toyota, an ancient brick building, not too far from Nagoya station.

It starts with textile machines, and there is a huge collection of ancient spinning and weaving machines. You progressively discover automatisation and today's monsters that are weaving textile (for your car). The latest one are using water jet power; how do I even remember this detail?

There is a space called technoland where your children can play and discover the science behind technology.

You have a space dedicated to automobile technology evolution and production evolution and if you happen to be an engineer, keep one day to stay there. There are old trucks, old cars, and many cars have been tripped open to show how they work. Now, I know how an automatic window is powered and how it works! Incredible!

Well, this is not the kind of talk you will have in a cocktail reception, but if you are with businessmen from Nagoya, they might like you better. Nevertheless, this is really educative and fun. when you enter this particular museum, time will fly.

When you leave this place, you will watch your car in a different light!


by Claire

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