A community with trust and connection

Fresh food at it's best!

My good friend Kato-san's family runs a farmhouse near Hamamatsu.
I had the chance to visit is home the other day.
The entrance to the house is right by a main road where people and cars pass by.

I was welcomed by a vertical flag saying "Kato's Farmhouse."
The entrance of the property were stacks of fresh oranges, cabbage, radish.
All much larger then I've seen in the markets and cheep!

So we all bought one of each
Caught ourselves wondering who to pay.

There was a bucket hanging from the celling saying "Put your change here. Thank you"
We didn't have the exact money and needed change.
We put in our bills into the bucket and found the right amount of change.

I was suppressed there was a good amount of money in there!


The people at this farm must have a lot of trust in the community they live in. Also contributing to the community as well by selling good foods cheap!

Think if there was such a such shift in community conscious in other parts of Japan and even the world!
You wouldn't need a steel vending machine to keep the coins safe.
People would buy from the people they know and trust the people that make it.
Not judging the food by it's shape or the color people are used to buying at markets.

Most of all there is a sense of connection even when no one was there.

by Yuuki I

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