Flee market at Toji Temple - Kyoto

On the 21st of each month, a famous flea market is held on the grounds of To-ji from 7am until around 4pm in the evening. It will be open even when it's rain, but there will be with less shops in such a case. This market is popularly called "Kobo-san", in honor of Kobo Daishi, who died on March 21. I was born in Kyoto near the Toji temple and the Toji ground was like my play garden when I was a kid.

At the market you can find anything: food stalls, bonsai trees, second hand clothes, paintings, pottery, accessories...the flea market features a variety of antiques and arts which you will enjoy. Walking amongst the crowds at To-ji Temple, you really feel a part of an ancient history and a living tradition.

After exploring the grounds, be sure to enjoy the temple's 1200 years of history. Kyoto's Toji pagoda is one of the most famous one in Japan.

* Please make a note that by far the largest market is held on December 21, as it is the last of the year!

by EmiOnishi

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