Yoshinoya is your beef bowl heaven in Japan..try the real thing during your Japan Travel-

What is Gyudon ( beef bowl ) ?

There are a wide range of fast foods to choose from in Japan. I would like to introduce a beef bowl this time!

Beef bowl is a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce.
It has a history of about 100 years and there are several beef bowl chain stores.

Here are a couple of major stores.

Yoshinoya : http://www.yoshinoya.com/

Matsuya : http://www.matsuyafoods.co.jp/

Sukiya : http://www.sukiya.jp/

You can eat a regular size beef bowl for less than 300 yen at any of the above store restaurants these days.

Here is a little lesson as to how to order a beef bowl at Yoshinoya.

1.Find your seat

2.Choose your dish from the menu and order to a staff at the counter

3.Your dish will be ready within a couple of minutes

4.Enjoy your meal (red pickled ginger served on the table is free and you can have it as much as you like!)

5.Say “Gochiso-sama” to show your gratitude when you finish to the staff and pay before you leave

Usually these chain stores offer other dishes such as Sukiyaki nabe, curry rice and salad. I hope you can find your favorite among their wide range of offers!

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