What is the Safest and Easiest Transportation in Japan

Taxis are the Most Reliable Way to Get Around Japan

I've been in Japan and travelled around in taxis for 26 years. I average at least two taxi rides per day (at least over the last 20 years) so hmmm.. 600 taxi rides a year....hmmm......12,000 taxi rides? Wow!! Like my friend Claire, I have had many a very interesting conversation. I learned from my mentor Mr. Hiromasa Ezoe that the best place to get fresh and unspoiled information is from the taxi driver, so I try to ask about politics, economy, etc. But...since you are new and probably dont have a strong command of Japanese, the concept of getting in to the car and trying to find somewhere in the winding, baffling, no street sign cities of Japan can be a daunting prospect. I made two videos here for your reference. How to ride and how to pay. I hope this will help make your taxi adventure all the more fun and efficient.

BTW, I have dealt with a rude driver here and there but never ever never ever never ever have I been cheated in amount or taken on a purposefully round about route. One more nice thing about traveling around in this country.

How to ride:

How to pay:


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