Unique Vending Machines in Japan

Japan is absolutely crazy over vending machines. Japan having some of the most innovation and weird vending machines in the world - Pringles, fresh egg vending machines, Yakisoba, fried chicken available as same as making vending machine cooked corn cream soup available 24 hours. Surprisingly, we have vending machines of a bottle of milk and yogurt drinks in the locker room of Onsen.

Many people from overseas are always inspired with the fact that you can get hot can drinks from the vending machines. I enjoy their reaction as if they held a new baby Gozila! Yes, it's HOT. It could keep hot and cold drinks in the same machine, at the same time. This seems made it possible with the same machine to sell only cold drinks in spring and summer season.

Unique vending machines only found in a certain place are also popular. The most funniest may be canned stock oden (Japanese veggie stew) in *Akihabara, Tokyo. As long as I remember it was hit product later in 1990s.

Vending machine in Japan has its own lottery. It's old style machine to my knowledge. After purchasing your drink, an electric roulette starts automatically. If you win, you can get another drink for free. Kids will may ask you another coins:)

You can find fresh egg near natural spring (Onsen in Japanese) resort sometime. You purchase a bag of fresh egg and bring with you. If it's natural onsen outside, you can put your fresh egg and pick them up after you enjoy the onsen. Boiled egg will be waiting for you perfectly cooked!

I think these billions 24hours operating vending machines located almost every 100 meters apart and also provides security at night due to the light it give off. When we had a natural disaster in March 2011, it helped people to stay warm and not to dehydrate when they had to walk for hours to get home due to the transportation shutdown.

*Akihabara is well known as Electronic City in Japan.

by Akina Tachimoto

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