Japanese habits that you catch without noticing...

Diagnostic kit to test your Japaneseness level

With friends, we have created a list of Japanese habits that makes Japanese people soooo Japanese. The thing is, these habits rubs off on us too so, here's the diagnostic test (short version), hold on with me!

You need to check the number of habits that you have.

- you rush to get your train when the music announces that the doors are closing. There is another train in 30 seconds, but never mind it, you rush and push;

- when you watch TV, the best part are the advertisement. You even think it is funny;

- when talking to the phone, you bow;

- you actually enjoy the mushed potato sandwich and the strawberry-whipped cream sandwich;

- when you have a cold and get a prescription from your doctor, you agree with a blue pill and a pink pill in the morning and in the evening;

- you have in your possession 25 umbrellas at least (all in plastics of course);

- you think it is normal to have a beer-house on the top floor of a building;

- you do not blow your nose in public because it is so disgusting but you do not hesitate to sniff back (do you say that in English?); and you do wear a mask when you have a cold;

- you believe that a car is fully equipped only if it has a kleenex box and white lacy seat covers. In option, the ostrich feather thing to clean the car body;

- you do not try to open or close the door of a taxi when you are not in Japan;

- you love washlets and heated seats;

- you are not surprised when a truck talks to you and explains that it is going left, or right... and that it has a woman's voice;

- you always have a small bottle of water to clean after your dog;

- you like to wear shocking pink color with orange;

- you thing that 4 hours at the hair dresser for a care, cut and brushing is a minimum. You are not ashamed to wear the plastic cap on your ears; you look like an alien, but you do not notice anymore;

- you do not think it is extravagant to wear Barbie style clothes;

- you wear stockings all the time, even in summer (if you are a woman of course; this does not apply to man);

- 1 hour queuing is OK for you;

- you love the cherry blossom season because you can have BBQ and get totally drunk under the trees with 1000 other people;

- when everything you have read is absolutely normal!


0-5 items checked: you are a Pikachu
You are still new to Japan and it is amaaaazing how everyone behaves here! Everything is clean, everyone is so nice and helpful but you are experiencing the "lost in translation" situation

6-10 items checked: you are a Dragon Ball
Japan remains mysterious but you have discovered quite a few things here. Noh and Kabuki remain hermetic but well, with some training, ...

11-15 items checked: Lupin III
Now, this is getting serious. You sometime needs to breathe fresh air but well, you actually love the lolita looks.

16-20 items checked: Naruto
You do not realize that you are not Japanese at this stage. You are upset if someone tells you that your Japanese is so good!

by Claire

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