There are many places where you can surf in Japan.



Where are good places to go surfing?

If you live in Tokyo and have interest in surfing or the surfing culture in Japan.
Chiba, Shonan area is popular and has a unique culture with shops and cafes along the cost.
When big swells come in Shonan area can get crowed by surfers coming from distant places.

During the winter season the cost line of Sea of Japan becomes popular places to go.
Full wetsuit, gloves, boots, and perhaps a cap is recommended as it can get very cold. Some places locals can be rough so make sure you know the rules of surfing before you get in.

In the summer time Izu (Shizuoka), Irago (Aichi), Hamamatsu (Shizuoka) become crowed by people coming from cities.

When you plan to go surfing I recommend to drop by local surf shops.
Get information about the water current, tide, and the culture of that place.
Brings some friends with you to have someone look out for you.

Enjoy and cherish the moment you get with what nature has to provide!!

by Yuuki I

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