Be polite in the train - a follow-up of other posts

I did not know about the leg-crossing being rude...

I would also add in the don't list:
- do not sleep and fall on your neighbor; their shoulders are not pillows
- do not put the music to high on your headphones

and some do, please, ...
- do step into the train and really go inside - do not stop at the very in trance of the car
- do give your seat to older people, pregnant woman, ... they will say noooooo, but insist, and make sure someone else does not sit in the meanwhile
- do talk quietly, read your book, newspaper, that you will fold in 2, in the length so that it does not take too much space (you can try even with a Japanese newspaper if you want to impress people, just make sure you hold it in the right direction),
- do keep your bag on your knees, or at your foot, not in the seat next to you,
- do watch people in the train because it is soooo very interesting! And you can try at different hour of the day because the "type" of people in the train vary according to the time of the day: student? business? shopping? ...
- do spend time in the stations: there are bars, coffee shops, boutiques, shoe repairs, small restaurants, so many things to do !

by Claire

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