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Okagemairi in Japan 2014- Special Visit to Ise Jingu, the Grand Shrine

Ise Jingu, the Grand Shrine's main pavilions were newly rebuilt and its residing deities were transferred to the new shrines, which is called Sengu. The ceremony is held every 20 years in order to keep the spirit of "Tokowaka" which means "forever young or everlasting purity" and it has been done for 1,300 years since year 690. The latest Sengu was just finished last year and a year after Sengu is called "Okagedoshi." This year, 2014 is believed to be a time when an even greater blessing will be bestowed upon those who visited the Shrine. Therefore, this year's hatsumode (New Year's first visit) to the Grand Shrine is special and considered as Okagemairi. If you are visiting Nagoya region, please pay a special visit to Ise Jingu.

by Hatha Yoga Lover

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