What kind of gifts are given around the holiday season in Japan?

How to Add a Touch of Cuteness with Your Gift in Japan

Learning the Art of Gift Giving

During the Holidays or during your visit in Japan, you might want to give your host, hotel concierge, or new friend a little gift of appreciation. You might also be planning to take things back home from Japan to your Japanese friends overseas. Guess what? You want a hint on how to up your polite level?

Remember to give your gift in a nice paper bag with handles. You will see these little bags sold at convenience stores and even if the gift inside is wrapped, it is a really nice gesture to put your wrapped gift in a paper bag and hand it to the recipient so they can take the handles of the bag. This is a very polite, subtle way to express thanks because the person won't get an idea of what is inside the bag and thereby feel immediately over-obliged to return the favor.

Also, not only is it polite to pass a gift in a bag, the bags themselves can be a special, unbelievably cute gesture. Take a look at these bags we found in our neighborhood "Sankusu" (Thanks!) Convenience store? These little gems with their perfectly cute messages will be something your Japanese friend overseas or in Japan will find comforting and cute and something your relatives or friends will find unique and special.

These are really precious bits of sweet Japan we hope you will come to appreciate.

by RuthieJ

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