Where are some places in and around Tokyo for kids to have fun?

The Magical DisneySea Perfect for Families

DisneySea puts on a Great Show

It seems a no-brainer that Disney Sea would be one of the places you dont want to miss during your visit to Japan. Disneyland is in a few places around the world, but Japan is the only country to have a Disney Sea (the fourth most visited theme park in the world) that focuses on the nautical, exploration and adventure and features ocean-related characters like Little Mermaid. There is an free-fall type haunted hotel ride and the Indiana Jones adventure is also amazing...but one of the best parts of being in Japan's Disney Sea (or Disney Land) for that matter is how even the guests become part of the overall show.

Some 80-plus percent of the clientele at the park are repeat visitors who know exactly what is going on and how everything runs. They all wear some type of Disney-related item (hat, carry a popcorn case, headbands, shirts, etc.) and you would be surprised how everyone lines up in perfect organization to have a photo with the stars of the park who you will most likely see some time during your visit.

Also, for many little kids and their disney loving moms, this is the moment to let your child shine in full disney dress. Most of the costumes are carefully hand sown by loving parents and the little ones, in full array, shine in how they joyfully interact with the characters around the park.

Today, I saw the tiniest, happiest looking little witch dance and laugh with three funny friends as they walked down the lane. It was a moment of fun that cost nothing and will never be forgotten. It is this aspect of Disney Sea, the fact there is love and joy all around in everyone's smile, that explains why we face possible crowds and long waits for rides. It does not matter....the smiles, so infectious and fun, make just being there, simply sharing the moment, more than enough.

Crossing language barriers, the pure love of happiness can be shared by all. If you wake up and see a bright blue sky, head out to Maihama station (buses and trains from Tokyo station or maybe even your hotel) and experience one of my favorite places to be..Disney Sea.


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