What are the different chain restaurants in Tokyo and their characteristics?

Enjoy the unique recipe for bikkuri donkey in Minami Gyotoku Tokyo, Japan. A certain hit for your travel cuisine!

This restaurant has a look of something out of the Old West from the outside - old rusty metal and weathered wood patched together awkwardly, however it is done purposely and artfully. The look, is something you might expect at Disneyland. Don't let the looks fool you, it is one of the better and more popular restaurant chains for families and couples. This is a great restaurant with many different spins on hamburger steaks. Once again, the Japanese have taken what we in the West would consider a normal plain hamburger steak dinner and turned it into a real treat with many tasty varieties. One of my favorites is the Hot Pepperburg Hamburger Steak as I like spicy foods. However, you can also get it with a slice of pineapple, cheese, egg or even a more traditional Japanese Oroshi topping. The meal comes with rice, Daikon Salad with a healthy dollop of mayonnaise mixed with soy sauce and is one of my favorites and you can get soup too. A nice variety of desserts are available and they also serve German style beer. It's a great family restaurant that not only has foods that grown-ups will like, but it also has foods for young finicky eaters as well such as pizza, spaghetti, chicken and French fries. This restaurant is approved by my finicky 8 year old and by mom and dad.

by Kevin

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