Tell us about some unique dishes in Japan that people either love, or hate.

DAIKON - turnip for Hagrid

Daikon is a vegetable, that has the shape of a carot, but its dimension are tripled. It has the color and taste of turnit.

Daikon can be used either as a vegetable, or as a seasoning. As a vegetable, you may find it in salad, used just as carrots can be, or cooked in pot-au-feu. You can grill it, add it to your home-made miso soup, ...

As a seasoning, usually, you want to grate it and mix it to the sauce you prefer: soya sauce, tempura sauce, ponzu, ... and use it on your grilled fish/hamburger/steak/ ...

My preferance goes for ponzu, as in the picture. Ponzu is a great ingredient too if you like vinegar.

Beside, and it is good to know in gastronomy's-heaven-Japan, Daikon helps digestion.

by Claire

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