Where are the high-quality, specialty markets in Tokyo?

A Few International Supermarkets and other places to shop

There are a few international supermarkets located around Tokyo. Some of the better known markets are:

1. National Azabu, located close to Hiroo subway station (Hibiya Line). See the website: http://www.national-azabu.com/e_index2.php

2. Meiji-ya (Meida-ya) has a few locations around Tokyo and a fair selection of imported food items although they tend to carry more Japanese products. http://www.national-azabu.com/e_index2.php

3. Kinokuniya also has a few locations around Japan. These tend to be a bit smaller, but have a decent variety. http://www.e-kinokuniya.com/kinokuniya.pdf

4. Seijo-Ishii stores are located in several spots around Tokyo and in addition to high quality local products tend to have a decent variety of imported goods. Japanese only website: http://www.seijoishii.com/

5. Nisshin (Nissin to the non-Japanese) is very close to Azabu Juban subway station (Oedo and Namboku lines). Many of the embassy people around Tokyo use Nisshin and they offer cash-back specials and free home delivery (check the store for delivery radius). Very large wine selection on the 3rd floor and a flower shop and home products shop on the first floor. Some people know it as “Meat Rush” due to the large meat and deli section. http://www.nissinham.co.jp/nwd/

6. Kaldi has a pretty decent selection in their jam-packed stores and you can often get a free coffee sample just by walking by one of these places. http://www.kaldi.co.jp/english/

Some of the bigger Japanese chains like Seiyu (owned by WalMart), Summit, Queen’s Isetan, Inageya, and even some of the convenience stores offer a modest selection of foreign goods.

The Foreign Buyers Club (https://www.fbcusa.com/) and the Meat Guy(http://www.themeatguy.jp/app/en/?gclid=CMazydGZgrsCFW9JpgodolgAIw) are also viable options to get those “gotta have it” items you may miss from home.

Oh, and let’s not forget Costco. Membership here works the same as the USA - buy your membership, shop. With 17 stores (and growing) in Japan there must be a store near you. You don’t even have to drive - take the train - and use their convenient store-to-home shipping / delivery service. http://www.costco.co.jp/p/?lang=en

Or, just do as the locals do, shop in the local shotengai (shopping street shops) and enjoy the experience and get the freshest food!

by Joe Peters

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