Where are the high-quality, specialty markets in Tokyo?

Tokyu Store

And yes that's Tokyu, not Tokyo. The Tokyu is a train corporation which extends itself to many different economic areas, such as grocery stores and real estate.

The Tokyu store is a high quality grocery store, but not entirely limited to expensive items. It is a typical store with all the regular food items you can find anywhere, but they generally have a separate wing of the store for specialty items; they even have a wine room.

If you think of specialty items in Japan, things which Americans for example take for granted come to mind: cheese, wine, beer, nuts, cured meats, things like this are very expensive, or at least the authentic ones.

You can always buy very cheap wine and cheese most places in Japan, but it's the equivalent to getting something like soy sauce or seaweed at a typical American grocery store.

by KurtisW

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