Tell me all about water in Japanese society.

Why Japanese people have been able to live close with nature.

If you go to a Ryokan a traditional Japanese hotel.
I'm always amazed how Japanese people use small ponds, trees, plants to make space so as it feels more open then it really is.

The Japanese believe so called gods live in many things.
They put their hands together and bow to long living trees, and even rocks.
There are temples all across Japan where water is their main gods.

Water is very precious when it comes to making tasty Soba Noodles.
The sound of running water Japanese people feel a sense of calmness.
In summer time just listening to running water makes them feel cooler.

Water sounds effecting our emotional state!
Might sound weird to the Western Culture where many beliefs are based on science. A Japanese doctor named Imoto has made documents how our emotions effect water.

Water that has been exposed to
Good emotions like love,
Good music like Beethoven made beautiful ice crystals when the water was frozen to be seen.

There are many old Japanese beliefs that we can use but somewhere along the line it wasn't passed down to us.
After all when I ask people what they are interested in Japan.
Many say the old history Samurai, Ninja's, Kimono, ect.
Some say Anime but I don't hear much about the now of Japan.

Perhaps we could find many interesting this that feel new to us by looking into the old beliefs that Japan was once made of.

by Yuuki I

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