What are all the different kinds of alcoholic drinks in cans and their characteristics?

Gold Can Chuu hai

There is a shochu (hard liquor) maker in Japan called "Takara". They have products such as the takara cup, which is a small serving of Shochu in a plastic bottle. This company is generally not associated with higher quality liquors, and is for all intents and purposes, just a cheap buzz.

They have recently popularized their own brand of Chuu hai. It may have existed before, but has has emerged recently as a major competitor with other chuu hai brands. It is cheaper, and has a wide variety of flavors. As an additional characteristic, which has been a big factor in securing a large consumer base over the past year, is that it is not very sweet. Its taste is much more straight seltzer water and alcohol with only a small amount of additional flavoring. Some of the other chuu hai varieties can end up tasting like sweet juice or soda, so they can be unpopular with some.

by KurtisW

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