Tell me about pricing at sushi restaurants.

Current Price or Flat/Explicit pricing depending on Sushi place

If you go to high-end sushi bars, do not expect any kind of price list or menu. You are supposed to know what fish is in season and roughly how much they go at the market price. It is one of the most thrilling moment in life to say "Check please!" in those high-end sushi bars. Of course you can ask for the price when ordering but they are not considered "smart" of course and nobody does it. Generally speaking fatty tuna (Toro), abalone (Awabi), sea urchin (Uni), flatfish (Hirame) are expensive. Egg, Shrimp, squid, are inexpensive.
If you don't like that thrill, go to Kaitenzushi (conveyer belt sushi). They are either flat priced or explicitly priced by the color of plates and generally very inexpensive. That's why it has become so popular over the last decade.

by taro

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