The Delicious Combo of Japanese Crackers and Tasty Beer

How to relax after a long day of traveling

If you are going somewhere in the suburbs late at night you will notice a lot of people choose to take a breather on the Green Sha (green car first class seats) on the way home. A nice Green Car attendant comes through the car to offer drinks and snacks and I always choose Asahi Super Dry beer and Mixed nuts. Usually, manner demands that you dont drink or eat in a commuter train but if you are willing to spend the 750 yen extra to get on the green car (dont forget to buy the ticket on the train platform or the price on the train itself will be 1000 yen) a lot of people will drink a little wine, beer or soft drink and enjoy a snack on the way home. Kaki no tane is soy sauce flavored crispy rice crackers mixed with peanuts and mixed nuts is just as it sounds, basically a conglomeration of lots of different nuts with a salty flavor that goes perfectly with beer. For some wonderful reason, the beer you buy from the Green Attendant is always really cold and tastes so nice after a long hard business day. I hope you love the salty Japanese treats with the light, tasty Japanese beer.


Former Deep Japan Writer