Tokyo Midtown is A Great Place to Hangout in Japan

The perfect place to experience Japanese cosmopolitan culture

Since the trains start so early and there is an Oedo line exit for Roppongi station under the Midtown shopping area, this place is buzzing and fun from about 7:30 a.m. If you get there too early, you can rest right outside in the park right next store. There is a lovely little stream there, open yard and low, wooden tea house to enjoy. Here is the link to the Wiki about Midtown.

I just love how refreshingly friendly and posh this place is. The basement floor is particularly interesting with its array of art, Tsutaya bookstore to browse in, Dean and Deluca to get your sweet morning coffee and pastry and just the way the light flows in from the cubbyhole windows in the ceiling. You will also love how the fountain water above flows across a huge ceiling window to provide a flowing array of soft light all around. There are also displays of cutting-edge art every once in a while and on this day I found a huge crow. The story says he was nervous about going outside, but once he stepped out he was happy he did. I feel that way a lot in the morning and the ambience of Midtown Tokyo makes me feel ready and brave to face the new challenges of my day.


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