Tell me about Wasabi and the different ways to use it with sushi.


Have you tried fresh wasabi? To me, wasabi is a type of art, defines and type of essence of Japan. I am not talking about the green paste or stuff that comes in a tube or packet with your obento, or at the kaiten sushi. If you can, please try to experience real, freshly grated wasabi. This is a rhizome, and if you buy it at Tsukiji or in the super market, it will not be cheap, but worth it. Chefs in a bit more expensive J-restaurants will have a shark skin grater, and grate it fresh, just before you enjoy with the sashimi or the other J-dishes, even steak. It is hot and yet even sweet. Do you know about Daruma vs Mazuma varieties? Try and enjoy real, not imitation wasabi with your washoku, and enjoy!

by Yobochusha

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