Where do you recommend I go in Tokyo for a full-day trip?

Craziest Amusement Park in Japan, Fujikyu Highland

Are ready for a thrilling day in Japan?

I was at Fujikyu Highland the other day for a speech and from the window in the hotel I spied this unbelievable drop on their huger roller coaster. Yes, you are right, it actually inclines like that and you could hear the screams of delight all through the day. The park did not seem very crowded on the day I was there and the hotel staff was amazing. A group of German Tourists had just stopped by on a bus tour and the view Mt. Fuji was also lovely. This would be about a 2 hour journey from downtown Tokyo but the fun, food, onsen (hot springs) and people would definitely make it very worth your while. Have a blast!! http://www.fujiq.jp/en/access/


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