What kind of manners should I know when eating at a restaurant?

Cleanliness in Key in Japanese Shops

You would be surprised how clean fastfood restaurants are in Japan

One thing I absolutely love about Japan is how clean everything is. Today I was at a soba shop and I noticed the little cup of toothpicks was knocked over and that about 20 toothpicks were strewn across the countertop. I noted this to the staff in the restaurant and he immediately said "So Sorry!" and came over to restore the countertop to neatness in the wink of an eye. If you ever eat outside on a deck location at a restaurant in Tokyo (I took this photo at Mister Donut) you might notice different cloths for different purposes. In this photo, the cloth on the left is for the table and the cloth on the right is for the chair. I love the fact that people dont want to use the same cloth for the table as they would a chair and that these cloths remain perfectly folded and ready despite the fact this shop has just finished its morning rush of commuters and coffee drinkers. It is a manner shared by all and appreciated by all. Please join in on Japanese cleanliness.


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