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The Cutest Cartoon Character in Japan, Funasshii

Kids love Funasshii, a cute and cuddly character

My daughter and I love the character representing Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture named "Funasshii". Recently the characters or mascots from different areas of Japan are on TV a lot and there is actually a Sumo contest on TV between these adorable and playful characters. Each of them has a personality and a special charm point. Funasshii is actually really funny in the way he/she moves and whenever he/she says something in a slightly high pitched voice (that is why it is hard to tell if Funasshii is a boy or girl), the comment always ends with "nasshi" to sound like "Funasshii". Anyway, these characters are very popular and there are little dolls sold all over the place as well as notebooks, etc. This would be a very cool gift for someone overseas because they would have something extremely fresh and fun that a Japanese friend they have would recognize and say "How did you know about this? Sugoi Ne!!" Here is a clip of Funasshii getting a candid camera trick about things blowing up. There was not danger here and the staff was on top of it so dont worry about laughing and Funasshii took it with very good sportsmanship and you can see the funny movements towards the end. This is truly classic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WDDOk_GECc


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