Please tell me what is unique about Japanese pottery.

Shigaraki Yaki - Shiga Prefecture

Shigaraki ware is pottery and stoneware made in Shigaraki area, Shiga Prefecture. My hometown!

Although figures representing the Tanuki are a very popular product as Shigaraki ware, I personally love more "Shibui" (quiet and simple) dishes.

The local sandy clay from the bed of Lake Biwa (biggest lake in Japan) has a warm orange color, and makes very durable pottery. This clay characterizes Shigaraki ware.

If you visit Shigaraki area, you can find pottery shops every block. You will enjoy a variety of Tanuki-san figures and spend a whole day trying to find your favorite potteries at very reasonable prices! Also, you might want to stop by at the Miho Museum. They are beautiful and interesting - highly recommended.

by EmiOnishi