What are the differences between conveyor belt sushi, and sushi at a bar-style place?

Tokyo, Shibuya, Kyoto, Osaka..Everywhere in Japan! Kaiten sushi is cheap and reasonable!

Conveyor belt sushi restaurants are a lot cheaper than traditional sushi restaurants!

100-yen Kaiten sushi place's Major chain stores -popular ”Kappa zushi" and "Sushiro". Low prices are the selling point of these stores, but they taste very good too. Personally Sushiro is my favorite. Their IT ordering system (tablet with user-friendly menu with real pictures) is fun and quick! They also have new menu every month in order not to let customers get tired. We have more new stores of those kinds every year.

Recently there are certain Kaiten sushi restaurants where they serve more expensive prime cuts of fish and they have "Shokunin" who make sushi in front of you as you order. But in general they are good for families with little children to enjoy meal in a casual manner. If you are looking for a nice place for a first date, Kaiten sushi is not a proper choice!

by EmiOnishi

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