Which jogging routes in Tokyo do you recommend?

Imperial Palace Loop

The Imperial Palace sits at the center of Tokyo, and just next to what has become the business epicenter of Tokyo, and moreover the world. Even though this is a very dense area with buildings and people, the area immediately around the Imperial Palace has been preserved and is well kept to look green and beautiful.

This is a very popular area for jogging and cycling, as it is situated on a hill, making for a challenging uphill jog on one side, and a relaxed downhill stride on the other, with flat expanses on the east and west sides.

The area has become so popular in fact, that a recent article from News On Japan has illuminated the need for joggers to be mindful and respectful of others visiting the area. The sidewalks in certain areas can become a bit narrow, so sightseers and joggers have had an increased number of accidents.

Just remember that you need to be mindful of pedestrians when choosing to jog in downtown areas, but don't let that stop you as jogging through the concrete jungle. It's quite the adventure!

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by KurtisW

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