A Few of the Best Stationery Shops in Japan

If you want to find some amazing stationery in Tokyo or Kyoto, here are some of the best shops:

* Ito-Ya: This is a famous chain in Tokyo, with multiple locations. Definitely visit the one in Ginza, which is right near the main intersection in central Ginza, and has an incredible selection of cards, writing implements, and much more.

* Spiral: Spiral is a really cool shop in Minami Aoyama (Tokyo), famous for its stationery, and also a great place for other home goods, and unique souvenirs.

* Uragu & Rokkaku in Kyoto are two incredible charming and high-quality stationery shops, where you can find an assortment of boutique, custom-made cards, letterhead, and more.

* Throughout the country, there are 2 chain shops that are also fantastic places to buy cards, pens, and more: these are Tokyu Hands and Muji. They have locations in cities across Japan, so no matter where you are these are great shops to visit for great Japanese stationery.

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