Where are the coolest bridges around Tokyo?

Yokohama Bay Bridge

I took this picture as I was returning from one of the outer Tokyo islands, Oshima, on a large passenger ship. As you approach the Tokyo bay, nestled between the Miura peninsula, and the Chiba Peninsula, you can begin to feel the magnitude of the ocean commerce of this area of Japan. Cranes, power plants, large freight boats and more all come together in a complex industrial ecosystem to support the nearby residents of Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa, comprising a quarter of the Japanese population or more.

With such a grand and functional port area, there are bound to be equally impressive feats of engineering and architecture, and being on a boat, one of the most noticeable is the bridges that you pass under on the way to the harbor.

The Yokohama Bay Bridge really caught my eye, lit up marvelously on the cool Autumn evening. I'm not entirely sure if pedestrians can pass over the bridge, but it is certainly worthy of checking out from Yokohama's port area Sakuragicho.

by KurtisW

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