What are the guidelines and procedures for different natural disasters?

Here are 3 very important risk reduction advices when Tornado occure

* On September 2, 2013, a tornado caused extensive damage in a total 19km area from Saitama, Chiba and Ibaragi Prefecture just north of Tokyo. To be honest, I had no idea a tornado could be powerful enough to blow off a house….I cannot help but call for your attention after I went to the damaged region myself for my reporting assignments.

1. Do not observe outside through glass window even when you think tornado is still far away.
Multiple tornadoes can occur simultaneously. (=multiple vortex phenomenon) and it can occur right where you are out of the blue. Flying objects will attack people with some distance from tornado. You should close a curtain in order to reduce dangers due to flying objects.

2. When a window is broken, room pressure will do down and that blows off a roof. Please go downstairs if you are inside the house. If there is no underground space, go inside a bath tub or restroom in order to prevent dangers by objects flying from the sides.

Wooden houses could be unlucky to be blown off. In the United States where tornadoes are more common, people prepare underground shelters for disaster prevention instead of trying to build a stable house. If you don’t have underground shelters, try to stay in an area where you can protect yourself from flying broken pieces, such as a bath tub.

3.If you are outside when tornado occurs, go into a substantial building with reinforced concrete,. Inside car is far from safe. Do not stay in a garage, prefab or under a bridge. If there is no building around you, find a street gutter or hollow and lie down to protect your head.

by totowatanabe

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