Where are some historic locations you recommend in Tokyo?

Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en(architecture museum)

Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en is an outdoor museum to restore an old building of Japan, and to be able to see them freely. You can bring yourself to old time of Japan.
Some of builfings are used in "Spirited away", a movie by Gibli, for reference. When you pass the museum to the direction of Mitaka, the museum of Gibli will be seen. The character of Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en, which called Edomaru, is designed by Miyazaki Hayao, the animator of Gibli.
The building's designs are from Edo era(1603~1858) to Showa(1924~1988): for example, Ryokan, Japanese old hotel, police station and streetcar. You can feel nostalgic feeling. It is able to go inside of building and look around. There is a place you can play Japanese traditional playing, Takeuma.
This is the best place to feel old Japan. I suggest you going for a walk on sunny day.

This is the link for Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en.

by Kim-san

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