If you stop by the Aqua Lounge at the Imperial Hotel, please say Aloha!

The Aqua Lounge at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo is the perfect place to get away from the busy day of hustle and bustle at the office.

I try to entertain the audience with lush and vibrant music on Piano, Vocals ranging from Jazz Standards, Popular, R&B, Funk, Smooth Jazz, and above all.. Hawaiian Music! :)
Most guests especially regulars come and listen after hustle and bustle in the center of workforces of Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku right across from the Hibiya Park.
Here is a video of me performing there:

Japan's former Prime Minister Aso passed by the piano area one night and snaps his right fingers (with his right foot forward :) looking on swinging along on "Route 66". What a character! ;) I try to bring the Aloha from my home in Hawaii to all the people of Tokyo. The Hotel itself is a historic landmark in Tokyo and was originally constructed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The huge lobby has a nice coffee area for short meetings and friendly discussion flanked by Minami Tada's beautiful wall sculpture. Come enjoy this beautiful landmark and please stop by to say Aloha at Aqua Lounge if you can.

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