Have a tip for a successful Ramen noodle experience?

Did you know you can eat Raw noodles in Japan?

Eat the Best Raw Noodles in Japan at Tsuke-men

Tsuke-men can be one of the best Ramen Experiences ever! You can get a soft boiled egg along with the dish and I like to cut the egg in half with my chopsticks and put it in the sauce to add the juicy egg-yolk to the mix. You pick up cooler noodles and then dip them into the sauce. This is different from Zaru Soba so you dont have to just dip a part of them in the sauce, I actually submerge my noodles and then enjoy the deep, creamy taste of the Tsuke men. There is a wonderful Ramen Restaurant Row under the tracks at Shinagawa station. The three of us ate there for about 3500 yen for lunch on Saturday and it was a great change of pace and very "local". The tsukemen places will usually also sell regular ramen too, so if you order that, dont forget the pepper!! Enjoy your Ramen time in Tokyo and Japan but dont forget Tsukemen!


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