What are the manners and rules I should know when walking in Tokyo?

Japan has the Cleanest Shops in the World

Shopkeepers spend hours and hours to keep the entrance of their shop clean

If you happen to be a bit jet lagged and feel like walking around some of Tokyo's downtown neighborhoods (Roppongi, Shinjuku, Shinbashi, etc.) early in the morning, you will see some interesting culture that has to do with how this city stays clean. In the Summer time, shop owners will often do something called "Mizu Maki" which means they will cool off the concrete and sweep up leaves and small pieces up trash from the previous night. You often can see a neat pile of salt at the door entrance to keep away bad spirits and cleanse the entrance in a spiritual way. The idea of keeping your entrance clean comes from individual household and neighborhood etiquette, so as you walk down the street and go in and out of shops, take a moment to appreciate the clean entrance and how much effort goes in to keeping it that way. Also, if you happen to see a bit of trash on the ground, lend a hand, and pick it up :)


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