From Luxurious Shops to Majestic Gardens: Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown a truly diverse place in Japan

There is almost too much to see at Tokyo Midtown to write it all down here. One of the best things about the area are the floor guides who wear beautiful uniforms that change with the season and can help you in several different languages. There are many different shops that feature excellent Japanese items for great presents for friends back home and there is a pretty large Uniqlo store on the ground floor. I really like the herb tea at the Ritz Carlton 1st floor cafe and the lovely Garden (Hinokicho Park) just outside the back of the building. The Japanese flavor in the architecture is also a sight to see. The B-1 Floor often features work by young artists and I found this the other day. Each piece of Ichitaro work is an individually painted wood stick. I was lucky enough to walk by as he was finishing up.
Here is the link to the Midtown info
Here you can see the art of Ichitaro Suzuki on Tubmlr


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