Tell me about all the different pickled veggies in Japan.

Otsukemono, Oshinko, Shiba-zuke and Fukujin-zuke ... etc.

When you talk about pickled veggies, there are many kinds like the ones on the title.
Basicly they're called "o-tsuke-mono" and are pickled by salt, vinegar, Sake lees, or Miso.

When on menu for snack w/ alcohol, they are often called "o-tsuke-mono" or "o-shin-ko". Most of them will contain "haku-sai" - leafy cabbage - "kabu" - white radish - egg plants, cucumbers, carrots, etc.

When eating with rice, it's usually "Shiba-zuke" which contains usually cucumber usually pickled w/ shiso - red basil - and ume-boshi - dried/pickled plum.

With curry-rice, there must be brownish, reddish pickled veggies called "fuku-jin-zuke" containing several kinds of veggies sliced very very thin, or you might like "rakkyo" which are sour shallots. Both go very well w/ Japanese curry-rice!

by junebug

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