Before I leave the country, what can I buy with all the loose change leftover from my trip?

Japanese candy will offer great packaging and unique flavors

You can't go wrong buying Japanese candy. You will see some of the most creative packaging that will make the person receiving the candy wonder whether to open the candy or display it. It can look traditional or futuristic.
But you are probably wondering what does it taste like and that is the most difficult to explain as there can be some really wacky flavor combinations here.

Some of the strangest flavors that I like are umeboshi hard candy, konbu slices, sweet water soft candy and chocolate covered beans.

If you want to get candy that will really be a family experience than there are a number of boxed candy model sets that will for sure entertain the kids and the adults who will have to help make them. For example making a candy model cake, candy shaped like sushi, steamed cake with an original chocolate design and many, many more creative options.

So before you hop on the plane to return home fill your bags will Japanese candy.

by JudithMikami

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