How can I buy a Japanese Kimono in Tokyo?

Visit Kimono Salon TAKA in Yokohama, Yamashita-Cho

When you have a chance to go to Yokohama, Yamashita-Cho near by Yokohama China Town
you should stop by "Kimono Salon Taka" in Silk Center. It is a very nice Kimono select shop.
The shop is small, but they have kept a large stock of goods by wide varitey of price range; so, if you would like to get a high quality one, the owner shows silk one which came from Kyoto.
If you need an inexpensive one for your first experience, polyester one is good enough. You can get it under 30,000 yen. In addition you will see pretty small Japanese gifts. You must enjoy the shop!

Operation Hours: 10:00 - 18:00
Closure: Wednesday

by Suetsumuhana

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